Monday, December 31, 2012

Something an Actor Shouldn't Do

I don't think any actor in performance, or any artist for that matter, should try to please anybody.  This does not pertain to taking direction which is completely on the purpose line of the actor , to evince just what is needed and wanted to make the story work.  It is the audience he should not be trying to please.  Because then it is always going to be a generality.  For there is no specific person or personality he is trying to please- it is "them".  It is a generality. 
And only specifics endure, only specifics actually occur or have any presence in art.   Either say it or do it the way you see it or you have said or will have done nothing.


@onscarletswalk said...

Wonderfully put :)

scripting as I go said...

very true. when I have performed in plays or in small roles in film and television, I exist solely in terms of the honesty of my feeling the life's blood of my character. I do as my character IS within me, I have never for one moment thought of "them" out "there" nor in real life have I existed or made choices dependent on other's expectations of what is "right" for me....