Monday, July 31, 2006

First Blog

This is my first page of my new blog and I just want to express admiration.
Is it not incredible that one can turn on one's television and see great stars whose luminosity will never dim?  -So easy to have them there to appreciate and admire.
Last night James Garner walked into a dangerous compartment in a train which was barreling along in the movie, "The Great Escape".
And I just thought-- doesn't matter what he does there's always a twinkle and an unmistakable sense of warmth of heart.
Is there someone in the world who doesn't like James Garner? I don't really think so.  Really.
Is there anyone, anyone at all  whom this gentle man has not treated with respect?  No.
Have I ever heard or read anything but gratefulness and good feelings toward this man in all my years in Hollywood?  No.
He is a rare treasure.  May he live forever.
--signing off for now,
But come and see me this fall in legendary Henry Jaglom's "Hollywood Dreams" with stunning new find, Tanna Frederick and Justin Kirk ( from Mike Nichol's, "Angels in America").
Then just a LITTLE later, I'll be starring with the ever unsinkable, piquant genius who is Alan Cumming in his next directed feature, "Suffering Man's Charity",  with Anne Heche, David Bereanaz, and Carrie Fisher.
And I'll return here, to my diary to talk about people I've known: Jack Clayton, Jack Nicholson, Alfred Hitchcock and others.  And to talk about people I wish I'd known.
In 1970, I turned down a movie with Mr. Garner called, I think, "Support Your Local Sheriff" and I've been biting my dialing- my- agent- finger ever since!