Saturday, October 07, 2006


I’ve noticed that in life there are stopping places, yet no one stops there:


You are experiencing your life, moment by moment, and you are having chicken dinner with your family, or you are doing homework with your child, or you are at some social gathering and there it is! The moment that will be one of the most vivid to you for the rest of your life! 

And it simply goes by.  Only later and sometimes , much later, upon referring to that time in memory do you realize that that one moment stands above the others. And it is not only vivid, and salient, but also that awful word: precious.



Three years ago, in June, my husband Stephen and I went to the older more interesting part of the town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to take a much needed vacation and do some work on writings.  He was sitting on the veranda which faces the fast sea with his mini-laptop open before him, staring into it.  I wasn’t looking directly  at him, but at his  reflection in the window behind his incongruously baseball -hatted head.  In that pane was only himself and sky, which was pale orange this time of day with two long  palm trees side by side and  black against the luminous view.  He was concentrating hard and didn’t know I was watching him.  His late afternoon growth of beard, his thick dark brows, his distant gaze into his own imagination – those sea blue eyes -  I loved him so much at that moment I could have stayed there, just stayed, looking at this captured afternoon for an infinity of time.


Friday, October 06, 2006

"Hollywood Dreams" at the AFI FIlm fest

The American Film Institute film festival is now in its twentieth year.
This year you can see the US premiere of Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain" starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz; David Lynch's "Inland Empire" starring Laura Dern and Jeremy Irons and, I am proud to say, "Hollywood Dreams" starring Tanna Fredrick, Justin Kirk and Moi! (Karen Black that is). Here is the skinny:


October 6, 2006

Henry Jaglom's “HOLLYWOOD DREAMS" which will be having its
World Premiere at the 2006 AFI FEST on Saturday, November 11th, introduces
newcomer Tanna Frederick in the starring role and co-stars Justin Kirk
(HBO's “Angels in America,” Showtime's “Weeds”).
The film, written and directed by Mr. Jaglom, also stars Karen Black,
David Proval, Melissa Leo and Zack Norman in major roles and introduces
singer-songwriter Keaton Simons.
“HOLLYWOOD DREAMS,” which follows the journey of a young woman
from Iowa (Ms. Frederick) who arrives in Los Angeles profoundly obsessed with
a lifelong need to achieve stardom, challenges her - and our - ideas of success,
fame and love.
Produced by Rosemary Marks for the Rainbow Film Company,
"HOLLYWOOD DREAMS" and is due for release in early 2007.