Friday, June 22, 2007

A great article about me in the June issue of Venice Magazine. Here are some scans:

The article talks about my life and my new play, Missouri Waltz. Click on the page to read the text:

And come see the play! only a few days left.

for tickets, call 323 661 9827 or go to

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Some Quotes from people who have seen MISSOURI WALTZ

"Karen Black's Missouri Waltz is a sweet, fanciful treat with a strong heart, memorable characters, and the kind of poetic dialog not heard often enough on today's stages." -- Bob Benedetti, multiple Emmy and Peabody Award-winning writer/producer.

"I loved Missouri Waltz. A charming and delightfully composed play, in text and songs. And masterfully executed." -- George Sluizer Film director "The Vanishing"

"Karen Black was just magnificent. How thrilling it was to hear those words and see Karen’s beauty and eloquence." -- Lainie Kazan, singer, actress, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

"Missouri Waltz is that most unusual combination: fresh, disarmingly smart, and deeply moving." -- Martin Perlich, program director and host KCSN/novelist.

"A sojourn through the comical tribulations of one family in a small Midwestern town. "Missouri Waltz" is enlivened by the quirky interactions of middle-aged sisters Chrissie (Black) and Bea (Dana Peterson) and their prodigal, twentysomething niece Zoe (Whitney Laux)...The five melodic and insightful [Grammy nominated Harriet] Schock songs are incorporated as commentary on the action...captivating interweaving of Chrissie's and Bea's personas as they speak directly to the audience, relating the family's 150-year Irish immigrant history, recalling their own lives, rife with quirky shenanigans, unfulfilled dreams and failed marriages. Particularly entertaining is the often simultaneous discourse on a specific event, with each sister offering a slight variation on the actual facts. Together, they offer a richly detailed, comedic panorama of an American family." -- Julio Martinez, Theater reviewer, Variety

"Inspired by songs from the incredibly gifted songwriter, Harriet Schock, actor/writer/singer, Karen Black serves up a real tour de force in her poignantly written but humorous answer to the question, 'Why are we here?'." -- Iris Gordy Former V.P. Motown Records

"Karen Black is amazing...a WONDER. I loved and am so impressed by the play, the performances, the production, the tone…nothing but BRAVOS… and oh that dress!!!!" -- Susan Traylor, actress, film director "Welcome to L.A."

"Liked it? I loved it. I loved it. Brilliant. And something I will always have to remember." -- Ondi Timoner, director, Sundance Grand Jury prize winner "Dig"

"Very warm and loving. I especially love the choric speaking." -- Robert Benedetti, Emmy award winning Producer "A Lesson Before Dying".

"My friend and I (as did the entire audience) sat completely absorbed in the play and the extraordinary performances by the actors, having had no sense of the passage of time when it ended. The story and Harriet Schock's songs seemed to weave seamlessly into and out of each other, supporting and giving dimension to what the characters were feeling, making the total experience uniquely and thoroughly enjoyable." -- Nelson Varon, Songwriter/Composer

"The evening is really refreshing. Believe me when I say there is a healing effect as well. From the songs and the way Karen Black speaks, you can tell it’s from the heart. That indeed is very powerful." -- Tanya Rivers, Board Member, Los Angeles Women in Music

"I loved the play. I loved every minute of it. I was laughing and it was poignant and the words are incredible. Incredible, I mean it. It’s a great, fun, rollicking incredible funny play. And I loved the bad lender! Eric Pierpoint. Oh my God he was hysterical. Everybody sang well and I loved it and so did my friends. It was incredible. It was a great evening." -- Mimi Starret, Realtor

Karen Black has written a great play that take you on a truly amazing, emotional rollercoaster ride. The actors are superb. Dana Peterson creates a great comedic duo with Karen Black and Whitney Laux is amazing, she is a star in the making. Grammy nominated songwriter Harriet Schock has five songs in the show and they fit seamlessly into Karen Blacks script. Beautifully crafted, these songs strike the perfect emotional chord for the story. Whitney Laux's performance of the song 'Dancing with my Father' was a standout moment for me. This is a play I felt was worth every cent of admission and far more. Simply, a brilliant night of theatre." -- Hugh Lehane Buena Park, CA

"What made it stand out was that while, on one level it was an amusing light-hearted comedy, at the same time it addressed very serious subjects in a very serious fashion. It did so without sinking into anything morbid or depressing or pedantic. And then it flipped right back into revealing the strength of a light-hearted playfulness." -- Frank Blumer, Businessman

"Cross the poetic sensibilities of Tennessee Williams with the warmth and intimacy of the best 1970's singer-songwriter albums and a dollop of whimsy and you have " Missouri Waltz " the new " play with songs " by actress Karen Black and an experience not to be missed ! She delivers a moving performance that is beautifully nuanced and is wonderfully complemented by the comedic timing of Dana Peterson as her more pragmatic sister, Bea. Whitney Laux brings a luminosity to her role in a show that is graced with a beautiful score by the gifted singer-songwriter Harriet Schock. Listening to the three actresses deliver the closing song " Home " with its heartfelt and plaintive lyric and melody, it is impossible not to be moved. This is an authentic show with its heart planted firmly in the right place ; devoid of cynicism and guaranteed to send you out into the night smiling."-- Mark Cote, Recording Artist/Songwriter/Visual Artist

The play runs through the end of June. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you must come and see it. Call 323 661 9827 for tickets, or go to
Some pictures from the play

This is a picture of our lovely set, with myself in the foreground singing and Dana Peterson in the background, who plays my sister. The set was designed by Ginne Ann Held. Angela Combs is the brilliant director of the piece. Her ideas for staging and the way she works with actors is divine.This is a picture of the whole cast. From Left to right, Weston Blakesley, Dana Peterson, Whitney Laux, myself and Eric Pierpoint.Dana and I play two ghosts. In this shot we are trying to make our niece feel better, who can't see us, but can feel our presence.

The play runs through the end of June. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you must come and see it. Call 323 661 9827 for tickets, or go to

See you there!