Saturday, August 12, 2006

Things to go and see

Please read what I'm doing lately. Hope you will enjoy this press release:
Karen Black - What's going on!
Karen has six movies coming out, starting this coming fall with legendary director Henry Jaglom's "Hollywood Dreams" starring stunning newcomer Tanna Frederick, Justin Kirk of "Angels Over America" fame and David Proval.
Next up is "Suffering Man's Charity" a film by one of the brightest stars on the world horizon, Alan Cumming, which stars Karen along with Anne Heche, Carrie Fisher and David Boreanaz in what Karen describes as "a part you would give your eye teeth for, if you haven't already lost them."

Then there's "Watercolors" a coming of age gay film by David Oliveras, with Greg Louganis, four time gold medalist, and David Siqueiros' film ,"One Long Night" with Alison Eastwood ( Clint's daughter),Jon Seda and Ed Begley, Jr.

"Read You Like a Book", with Danny Glover and Lorenzo Pisoni will open the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival this September and -completed only a few weeks ago- Mr. Jaglom's next enterprise, "Irene In Time" coming out next year.
Karen says she is very proud of her work in these six films - a fascinating panorama of characters -from an overbearing acting teacher in Jaglom's "Hollywood Dreams" to a drugged nymphomaniac in the Alan Cumming movie to the most endearing librarian you would ever want to meet in veteran director Robert Zagone's, "Read You like a Book"!

Next up?

Karen has written the book for a musical going up in the fall, called "Missouri Waltz" - an endearing tragedy about the travails of two ghosts trying their damnedest to save the old home in which they have always "lived" from destruction. Harriet Schock has written the music!

In September, Gabriela Tollman's first full length feature, "This Was the Night" will star Karen as a woman destined to raise hell and at the same time illuminate the lives of three couples who had simply come to her home for dinner. Ms. Tollman's last film was in competition at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

On September 21st, Karen and the Two Marks who are Mark Cote and Mark Salling will be performing their songs at KULAK'S WOODSHED, just the most amazing walk-back-into -the sixties- watch the performance from the bed there-or the old chairs near the walls- birds dropping fresh eggs daily- oh my god I've walked back in time !place! Karen loves it there and will also be reading with one of the Marks- Cote-, her own poetry. World-wide webcast!
7:30 pm. 5230 1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd., just north of Magnolia.


TonyNTheSky said...

Thanks for the Press Release...this is so helpful to have these updates. I had sent a letter via Ellis Talent Agency back in March with a picture given to me by my partner but was unsure if it had been received. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to the blog here and learn more about upcoming movies, etc. I am what I am today because of Airport 1975 - A Peanut Pusher!

Deb Rodriguez said...

Will make sure and catch the webcast at Kulak's Woodshed. Just wish I'd got to see "A View to the Heart". I enjoyed "Karen Black, Actress at Work" and recommend it to anyone who loves Karen and her work. My favorite was her portrayal in "Red Dirt". It was excellent! Anyone who has seen the movie with me becomes an instant fan.

Blue*Eyes said...

Thank you for updating us! It is very nice to be able to come here to get information about where we can find you next. Can't wait to see your most recent work. I love all of your work-- YOU are a rare treasure and a genius of an artist/writer!

TonyNTheSky said...

While I wish we could be at Kulak's Woodshed (my sister's wedding is taking precedence), I will definitely enjoy the webcast and I anxiously await my copy of Karen Black, Actress At Work!

TonyNTheSky said...

While I wish we could be there (my sister's wedding is taking precedence), we will certainly enjoy the Webcast from Kulak's Woodshed. I anxiously await my copy of Karen Black, Actress at Work.

TonyNTheSky said...

I was on an airplane yesterday reading OUT and noticed that one of the Contributing Editors was Bruce LaBruce - he is wearing a shirt with Karen Black across the front. I am jealous, I want one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! I am big fan of you since I watched "Burnt Offerings" in the early 80s on TV - I bought a copy of the film lately and watched it again yesterday. You were hilarious! Too sad, that Oliver Reed isn't alive anymore. For me you are a very innovative person - as an actor, writer and communicator - your website & your blog testify this. Please keep up your good spirit. I wish you all the best. Regards, John from Austria.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see that I am not the only fan of Ms. Black. My name is Jay and I've been a fan since 1974. I first saw her in Portnoys complaint but fell in love with her in Airport 1975. I didn't realize she was the same actress. Karen, you never looked better than as Nancy Pryor. Man, you could fly that plane! I'm looking forward to talking to the rest of you fans. I've been a lone K. Black fan for way too long. Thanks, Karen Black, for setting this up! Can't wait to see your new pictures! Jay Carleton - Pittsburgh, PA

TonyNTheSky said...

I've written several times that my first encounter with the fabulous Karen Black was Airport 1975. I became a flight attendant, as a result, of her role in that movie. While I never thought I would be as close to an airplane disaster as I came this last week, I did. I, actually, fly for Comair and knew all 3 crewmembers onboard Comair 5191 that crashed in Lexington. In particular, the flight attendant was a very good friend of mine, someone I had actually trained onboard our larger aircraft. It has been an extremely difficult week. I ask that everyone remember all that were onboard this flight.

Blue*Eyes said...

I made my mom sit still long enough to watch "House of 1000 Corpses" with me, which is the first movie I ever saw you in, and she loved you! We agree that you are the cat's meow. The next rare day that she has free time she wants to see "Red Dirt," and she wants to see you live soemday too. She doesn't know computers very well (she runs her dancing school of 600+ students writing almost everything by hand) so I'm commenting for her. I just wanted you to know that you have a new big fan- my mom and best friend Alyce.
To TonyNTheSky- I'm so sorry about your friends. I hope you are able to start healing soon. Remember that you will come away from this a stronger person and that time will help you heal if you let it. Best wishes.

Formerly Fooled said...

Looking forward to the film! Keep us updated here and at your web site,