Sunday, July 08, 2007


Missouri Waltz
My play finished up its six week stay at the Blank Theatre last Sunday. The house was overflowing: people had to sit on the stairs that led down to the stage and extra chairs had to be brought in.
People like this play. Here are two new comments by audience members from this last weekend: "Think of all the definitions of BRILLIANT and you may barely begin to approach the experience of the play I saw tonight!" - Randy Tobin, record producer, musician
"The most magnificent and moving play I have seen in a long time...we are lifted up out of our world. The eloquence is astonishing." Alice Pero, arguably, one of Southern California's top poets Administrator/ organizer of the famous Moonday Poetry Readings for award winning poets across the nation
There are a lot more great notes and articles about the play on my blog:
Suffering Man's Charity
Premiered at this year's South by Southwest festival, the Alan Cumming film continues on the festival circuit. Starring Alan Cumming, David Boreanaz, Anne Heche, Carrie Fisher and myself. "One bright moment is Karen Black, as the falling-down drunk tramp Sebastian (Boreanaz) meets on his last night of boozing...who even compared to Cumming is the only actor ready to abandon all self-respect in service of a script that needs its characters to come unhinged." - John DeFore - Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Dreams
Henry Jaglom's movie continues its run at your local Lemmle theater. "Karen Black, who gave one of her all-time best performances in Jaglom's "Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?" is acid and merciless as a tart-tongued drama coach." - Chicago
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Love, Karen


clascaris@yahoo,com said...

Dear Ms.Black,I drove by several Sundays ago to see your name on a billboard on the corner of a Santa Monica Theatre.
There were a lot of people out on the street and when i looked up the box-office to buy tickets it turned out to be the last performance.Is ther any plan for an extended play?

I hope so,if you can let me know somehow,i would appreciate it.

Thank you ,a fan,Corey Lascaris.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen - after 50 years. We just had our 50th reunion at Jeff in Lafayette, and some of us were curious about where you were - what you were doing.

I still have an ancient photo of you in the Jeff Red & Black Review - probably 1956. You were the gypsy dancer; I was Raggedy Andy. Excellent casting.

Sorry you missed that reunion. Great fun.

Sue Swezey (then) Sandeen (now)

Marnina said...

Good for people to know.